New PRINCESS FISHSTICK Skin!! (Fortnite Battle Royale)


New Princess Fish skin in Fortnite Chapter 2, Season 6 gameplay live stream with Typical Gamer!
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    Lol tg trying to be family friendly as possible 3:37:38

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    I will

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    Older skin

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    4:34:11-4:34:14 it's the 90's for me

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    7 hours? take a break and this is to anyone that goes in for the full 7 hour watch as well, TAKE A BREAK!

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    Do a trick shot bro

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    I never seen typical gamer use my load out

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    I like when u be hyped up..with "SHEEEEESH"'s so cool.and your my favorite streamer😎

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    I love typical gamer because he’s the best ISsoftsr and I wish can be like him

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    you are the noob

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    Typical fortnite gamer we should better call you RIP those good old days

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    3:39:23 lollll voice changer

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    7 hours 🤯🤯

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    Can you make a video when you do only common weapons only

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    Tg The Jason x map and skin is out in Friday the 13th your should play it 🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃

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    Love your vids tg but can you come back to doing mods on gta, *just a suggestion, miss those days

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    TYPICAL GAMER, the new grapple bow came out and it's in stealthy stronghold where Lara Croft is and you can buy the grapple bow off of her. It is an Exotic which can grapple you pretty far.

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    Me as a 7 year old👁👅👁

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    How is this professional gamer asking Noah for advice and strats

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    Your my favorite Youtuder

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    Can you give me any skin or email Fortnite name Kate 123 quiet With no spaces

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    I unsubbed cuz u stopped playing ark, that was my favorite thing u played tbh so ya

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    Pls do more gta mods

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    you got dodo on this stream

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    What if typical gamer likes this video 😁😁

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    TG I know you wont read this, but i dont think I could survive lockdown with out your streams. Keep up the grind man :)

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    Please play Assassin Creed Valhalla please Like so he will see please

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    Nice stream hope samara is ok

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    Hey could you pls do more warzone solos, I love the video u made for solos in warzone, pls pls do more warzone solos

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    fish princess. This game 😂.

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    The like turned black

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    Fortnite sucks

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    wow good luck with that tg you are a champ

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    Do part 3 of it takes to pls

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    I like how he makes a long stream, despite possibly being tired, knowing that he'll be out for a few days. I hope Samara gets well soon! Thanks for making my days!!

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    Do wz and cold pls

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    the like turns blue

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    How are you so good and im join in the cash cup

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    I wish he would play other games

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    I typical gamer scribe on your daily but it just didn’t work I’m sorry I didn’t text right back down

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    When Typical gamer either watching you ever since I was like six and by default you are the best thing that ever happened to me you’re the best typical gamer I love

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    Do more spell break I am a fan of it is so good

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    Dude it’s so long

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    Sup typical how long have you've been playing for cause you have a lot of skins

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    7 hours stream normally 2 or 3 hours but 7 omg

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    4:48:46 BOOM! HEADSHOT!

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    You so good and is way better than me

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    So fortite the only game he play now?

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    I can't hear

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    I downloaded fortnite because of you and I am so happy that I watch your ISsofts channel because if I didn’t I would not have downloaded my favorite game

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    You sing ABBA songs, gift your friends with skins and generally come across as a real good man! Basically, you rock!!

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    Same but I’ll guess I’ll support him 😕

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